Carleton Fair Vote Club

The Evolution of Democracy:
Referendum on MMP in Ontario

A government-mandated citizens assembly toured Ontario in 2006, consulted ordinary Ontarians about what they think of their electoral system and if we should change it. After months of careful study and deliberations, this Citizens' Assembly recommended a change to a system of proportional representation called Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP). Thus, we will all be voting along side the provincial election this October 10th, in a referendum that could change our entire voting system. We will vote NO to keep the status quo, or YES to make our system fair & proportional with MMP. Winning the referendum in Ontario would have far-reaching consequences for other provinces, and Canada as a whole. To find out more information on the proposed new system, visit the Citizens Assembly website.

But most people still know little to nothing about the referendum. The Ontario Vote YES to MMP Campaign is underway across Ontario and aims to educate Ontarians about the most important choice they will be asked to make in decades, and why they should opt for change. The Carleton University Fair Vote Club is proud to be part of the Vote YES to MMP Campaign along side many other NGOs and grassroots citizen groups from across the province on this vital issue. Our goal is to educate students and the community, and encourage them to vote. But we need your help to get the message to almost 20,000 students at Carleton and over 1 million voters in the Ottawa region: it's a monumental task and we have only a short time left to do it. If you or someone you know can voluteer a little to help distribute literature, give a talk, design or put up posters or websites, work on a web or social networking campaign, or someone just might be interested in staying in the know, please contact us!

And remember: If you only vote in one provincial election in your life, this is the one to participate in - it could reform our entire system for all elections in the future. Inform your friends & family, and take action!

:: posted 17/May/2007