Fair Vote Nova Scotia


Don't just sit there
Take action! We've been talking about proportional representation and electoral reform in Canada for over 100 years. There have been numerous studies, commissions, citizen assemblies and reports all pointing to adding an element of PR to our system as the way to go. But history shows us that our politicians are unlikely to change the system that got them elected - no matter how unfair it is. So it's up to us. Here's what you can do:
  • Write Your MP or MLA (5 mins, free) Find who your representative is by using the links in the sidebar to the left. Then tell them what you think! Put it in writing and mail (no stamp required). Or you could always send an email.

  • Sign the Declaration (2 mins, free) Go to the FVC Declaration of Voters Rights and join over tens of thousands of other Canadians calling for equal and effective votes, asking to be represented fairly in a proportional Parliament regardless of politics or residence, and demanding that laws be approved by a majority of elected Parliamentarians representing a majority of voters.

  • Join Fair Vote Canada (3 mins, $10) Join Canada's national nonprofit, multipartisan civic organisation in support of electoral reform. Membership is only ten dollars, and you can sign up securely online. Fair Vote Canada members in Nova Scotia are automatically members of Fair Vote Nova Scotia.

  • Spread the Solution (1 min, free) If you're like most Nova Scotians, you haven't thought about how our dysfunctional voting system might encourage politicians to sling mud at each other, how it discourages parties from working together, how it turns people off voting, how it disenfranchises half of all voters, how it necessitates strategic voting, and how it is even helping to tear Canada apart. So educate your friends and family! Blog or post online, write Letters to the Editor, and call in on radio shows.

  • Connect and Learn More (10 mins, free) Have questions, or want to find electoral reformers in your area? Check out Fair Vote Canada's free discussion board or get engaged with ideas and activities on the Fair Vote Canada Action Network (or the local Halifax Action Team).

Remember, a healthy democracy requires an informed and engaged electorate. Politicians won't change the system that brought them into power on their own, not without real public pressure. So get engaged and inform your fellow citizens!
:: posted 15/Aug/2012