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Most Ontarians don't know much about the HST yet, or how it will affect them. Harper & McGuinty are counting on this and on taxpayers to do what they always do when a new tax is added: Nothing! Start spreading the word and we can stop the HST dead in its tracks. Write a letter to your local paper about it... scroll to the bottom to find the contact info for the community newspaper nearest you. Sample letters:

Sample Letter 1

To: Editor

Subject: Harmonized Sales Tax

Dear Editor,

As a concerned taxpayer, I feel that it's important that Ontario residents know what the proposed HST will do to our everyday expenses. Stephen Harper has been pushing the HST onto the provinces, supposedly to cut red tape for business. On the surface it sounds reasonable.

There's just one problem. The new 13% tax will be applied to almost all goods and services that we don't pay PST on now. This means an extra 8% on everything from gas and diesel, hydro, natural gas and home heating fuel, internet, cell phone, and cable bills, airline, train and bus tickets, ice rink rentals, taxi fares, gym fees, snow removal,hair cuts, and any professional fees like legal fees, real estate agents, and mutual fund fees, just to name a few.

Right now, Ontarians just can't afford what will amount to be the biggest tax hike in our history, and we will remember politicians that voted for it come election time.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Phone#]

Sample Letter 2

To: Editor

Subject: Ontario HST

Dear Editor,

I was interested to read [name of recent article]. The new Harmonized Sales Tax will have a major impact on this in the not-too-distant future. It's scheduled to come into effect next year. But this tax is absolutely the worst idea at the worst time:

  1. A recession the wrong time to raise taxes.
  2. Balancing business' books on the backs of struggling taxpayers is the wrong way to improve Ontario's economy.
  3. So many goods and services will see price hikes under the HST that virtually no-one will escape, both Ontarians and tourists alike

But it's not too late to stop - the federal government has yet to pass it into law, or ask Parliament permission to send a $4.3 billion cheque to Queen's Park so they can implement it. Ontarians should be putting the Harper government on notice by writing, calling, or emailing their MP and telling them they won't stand for it.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Phone#]

Sample Letter 3

To: Editor

Subject: The Latest Tax Grab

Dear Editor,

Given the current economic climate, many Ontarians are fighting just to make ends meet. Introducing an additional new tax like the HST now is nothing but and ill-timed cash grab. Offering a one-time partial rebate to offset higher costs for everyone is not enough: the partial rebate will only cover a fraction of our higher costs and is only good for a year, while the HST tax will go on forever.

The HST may be passed provincially soon, but it has to pass federally too. I strongly suggest MPs consider voting against plans to enable the HST. At this time, seeking new ways to increase the tax burden on their constituents is completely irresponsible.

The average Ontario family stands to pay almost $3,000 more each year under this tax. I stand with the overwhelming majority of them against this tax grab.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Phone#]


We can stop the HST if we stand
together to Fight the Hike!

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Ontario Newspapers

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Toronto Sun
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Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3X5

Toronto Star
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Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1E6
Fax: 416-869-4322

Hamilton Spectator
44 Frid Street,
Hamilton, Ontario
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Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal
75 S. Cumberland St.,
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 1A3
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Kitchener-Waterloo Record
160 King Street East,
Kitchener, Ontario
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London Free Press
369 York Street,
London, Ontario
N6B 3R4
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National Post
1450 Don Mills Road, Suite 300,
Don Mills, Ontario
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Ottawa Sun
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Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5H7
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Kingston Whig-Standard
6 Cataraqui St.
P.O. Box 2300,
Kingston, Ontario
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Sudbury Star
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Sudbury, Ontario
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North Bay Nugget
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North Bay, Ontario
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St. Catharines Standard
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St. Catharines, Ontario
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The Globe and Mail
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Windsor Star
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Timmins Daily Press
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Peterborough Examiner
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