Vote McGill


Don't Just Sit There

Take action! We've been talking about proportional representation and electoral reform in Canada for over 100 years now. There have been numerous studies, commissions, and reports all pointing to PR as the way to go. And history shows us that our politicians are unlikely to change the system that got them elected, no matter how unfair it is. So it's up to us. Here's what you can do:
  • Write Your MP or MNA (5 mins, free) Find who your representative is by using the links in the sidebar to the left. Then customise one of the form letters online to tell them what you think. Print it, put it in an addressed envelope, and mail (no stamp required). Or you could always send an email.

  • Sign the Petition (2 mins, free) Go to the FVC Online Petition calling for an immediate public consultation and then a referendum on the issue of PR, and add your voice to the thousands of Canadians that have already signed.

  • Join Fair Vote Canada (3 mins, $10) Join Canada's national nonprofit, multipartisan civic organisation in support of electoral reform. Membership is only ten dollars, and you can sign up online.

  • Join the MDN (3 mins, $15) Join Quebec's Mouvement pour une démocratie nouvelle and join other Quebeckers to campaign for change on the provincial level.

  • Join the Club (2 mins, $5) If you're a McGill student or staff member, please join the McGill University Fair Vote Club. It's easy and only five dollars, and you get to meet others from all across the McGill community who share an interest in the health of our democracy. Here's how.

  • Scream it from the Mountain (1 min, free) Momentum for electoral reform is finally bulding across the country. With attention focussed on the issue because of referendums in Ontario and BC, and an electoral reform project on the books in Quebec, polls now show that most Canadians think that proportional representation is an idea who's time has come. Learn more and educate your friends & family!

  • Have a Drink (2 hrs, free) Come out to one of our regular social gatherings and meet other election reformers from every walk of life in a friendly & laid-back atmosphere over drinks.

    :: posted 10/Jun/2007