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Not happy with our electoral system? Join the Club! Students, staff, faculty, and people from the larger community are all welcome. The McGill Fair Vote Club, in the process of forming right now, will be made of concerned members from across the McGill community and will be a certified SSMU Club. All of us are working to educate our community about the vital need for electoral reform. We need help for our upcoming activities, including an open public panel debate about electoral reform in conjunction with other clubs. We're also friendly and would love to meet you at one of our informal social Pub Nights!

Signing up is easy: Just email us at fairvotemcgill-at-mirsaya.com and say you want to join or take a position on the executive. You can also just show up at one of our monthly meetings. Annual membership is only 5 dollars; you can also seperately join Fair Vote Canada itself for only 10 dollars.
:: posted 11/Jul/2007