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Fair Vote Canada Montreal Chapter
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This is the temporary home of the Montreal Chapter of Fair Vote Canada. Eventually we will get a page on the main Fair Vote Canada website (here). For now, we will use this for documents & news.

Monthly Pub Nights
Ongoing, Café l'Utopik
Come out to one of our regular social/pub nights and meet other election reformers from every walk of life in a friendly & laid-back atmosphere over drinks.
:: posted 02/Jan/2007

Montreal Liberal Convention 2006
28 Nov-2 Dec, Palais des Congrés
Members of our Chapter volunteered to represent Fair Vote Canada at the 2006 Liberal Leadership & Policy Convention in downtown Montreal. Fair Vote Canada was the largest NGO present and talked to media, candidates, and thousands of delegates about electoral reform. Check out some of our photos.
:: posted 06/Dec/2006

Annual General Meeting
Nov 15th, 7pm Café l'Utopik
Notice of this meeting was mailed to current Fair Vote Canada members on November 1st. Email reminders were sent Nov 5th and 10th. The AGM was held at the following place and time:

FVC Montréal Chapter AGM
  • Time: 7pm, Nov 15th; 1hr duration
  • Place: Café l'Utopik, 552 Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal H2L 2E1
  • Map: Google map
  • Metro: Berri-UQAM Plan your bus trip
  • Meeting Agenda: 1. Election of Executives 2. Voting on Bylaw Amendments 3. Upcoming Chapter Activities
  • Important Documents: These were also available at the meeting.
    • Bylaws - (available online) Changes to the Bylaws required the approval of two-thirds of the members voting.
    • Amendments I - (available online) In order for our Chapter Bylaws to be accepted, the National Council of Fair Vote Canada required these changes.
    • Amendments II - (available online) These are further changes (mostly spelling corrections) required to be made to the Bylaws.
Results: Bylaws and both sets of amendments above were approved. Bylaws were subsequently ratified by National Council. Our latest (amended) bylaws are available online. The Chapter Executive until November 2009 is:
  • President: Barbara Odenwald, bodenwald-at-shaw-dot-ca
  • Vice-President: Benjamin Rankin, benjamin.rankin-at-mail-dot-mcgill-dot-ca
  • Executive Secretary: Andy Blair, ahblair-at-yahoo.com
  • Treasurer: Marshneill Abraham, marshneill.abraham-at-mail-dot-mcgill-dot-ca
  • Member at Large: Michael O'Brien, themichaelobrien-at-gmail-dot-com
For more information,contact Executive Secretary Andy Blair at ahblair-at-yahoo.com or 613-882-6616.

:: posted 18/Nov/2008