Politicians are pushing a new voting system called the
'Alternative Vote' or 'Instant Runoff Voting'

Learn why it's a politician's fix that's
No Alternative to what we have now.


The Alternative Vote was massively rejected by the public
in 2011 referendums in both the UK (by a vote of 68% to 32%)
and in New Zealand (by a vote of 87% to 13%). Ouch!

Now politicians in Canada, fearing public pressure for reform,
are pushing this rejected scheme as a voting system “fix” - one
that puts them before voters. Are Canadians supposed to buy this?

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Politicians have a knack for promoting schemes that help politicians. They try and make them sound like the best thing since sliced bread! Heard yet another Canadian politico talking up the Alternative Vote, “preferential voting” “ranked ballots”, “choice voting” or Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)? Let us know! Contact us with questions or comments at