Stand up for Northern Ontario.

The government is redrawing Canada's ridings
& Northern Ontarians may lose their voice in Parliament

Electoral districts (ridings) across Canada are being redistributed, changing district boundaries and increasing the number of seats in the House of Commons. This new redistribution process may give big-city Ontario suburbs as many as 15 additional MPs, while threatening to take a seat away from Northern Ontario. In the last seat redistribution in 2004, Northern Ontario’s representation was cut from 11 to 10 MPs. We can't afford to let them silence the voices of Northern Ontario voters again.

Legislation has been introduced to protect the North's voice in Parliament

Bill C-396 has been tabled to block any reduction in the number of Northern Ontario's seats.

We're calling on concerned citizens and the region's municipal, federal and other representatives to stand in support of Bill C-396 and defend Northern Ontario's voice in Parliament.

Take Action

You can help ensure that Northern Ontario's voice is not diminished in Parliament. Find out more in the Frequently Asked Questions page. Put a web badge on your blog (box to the right), sign the Petition to the House of Commons, write your Member of Parliament, contact the Electoral Boundaries Commission, or join the Facebook group and tell your friends.


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