Jim Harris' Statement for FVC Referendum

While I love Dave Meslin, his energy and effectiveness at campaigning on issues, I only support the AV system he proposes for electing a single office – such as Mayor – or in the US the office of President.

For electing a single office Dave’s RaBit system works well.

But in electing a city council I strongly reject this system. MMP or STV create a far, far more proportional result.

I urge Fair Vote Canada members to vote for Option A. Accepting AV for municipal-wide council elections would set a dangerous precedent.

Accepting an AV system at the municipal level would pave the way for its acceptance at the provincial and federal level – which would be a horrific blow to electoral reform, setting progress back by decades.

As someone who has worked to nurture and grow electoral reform for more than two decades, I fear that accepting AV on a municipal wide basis would break apart the electoral reform coalition that has been tirelessly built by so many people through so many elections.

I personally urge you to vote for Option A.

Jim Harris
National Advisory Board, Fair Vote Canada
Former Leader, Green Party of Canada