Riding Association Executive

The riding association executive is made up of active Thunder Bay – Superior North NDP members who are elected each year at the riding association's annual general meeting (AGM). They serve two functions: they represent the federal party at the local level, and they represent the local community of members to the federal party. These dedicated volunteers are responsible for organizing party activities within our riding, both during and between elections.

Any member in good standing can run for an executive position at an AGM. Notice of an AGM is given to members one month ahead of time, according to the riding association constitution. The current executive was elected at the September 9, 2009 annual general meeting, and consists of:

President - Maurice Grinstead
Vice-President (Federal) - Ernie Epp
Vice-President (Provincial) - Bonnie Statten
Treasurer (Federal) - Trudy Epp
Treasurer (Provincial) - Jim Yarocky
Secretary - Theresa Parr
Membership Secretary - Jennifer Grinstead
Women’s Representative - Sara Williamson
Labour Representative - Kurt Kangas
Environment - Bruce Hyer
Social Justice - Michelle Proulx
Aboriginal Representative - Candice Lavalley
Youth Representative - Will Newton

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