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The NDP is Canada’s social democratic party. Our philosophy is rooted on the values of human co-operation and individual liberty. It’s a philosophy New Democrats share with social democrats throughout the world. New Democrats stand for freedom, justice and solidarity. We believe that everyone can live a meaningful, prosperous life with the guarantee of civil rights in a democratic society.

Individual rights are fundamental to our values. Democracy and human rights are also the substance of popular power, and this is why our party is very grassroots. NDP members control the party: they decide what the party's policies will be, and they elect the officers and executive members at all levels - locally, provincially, and federally. We nominate and work to elect candidates provincially and federally.

Canada’s New Democrats have a proud history of getting results for people. Whether it was working to introduce medicare, pensions, or the 2005 better balanced budget – the NDP has always worked to get results for ordinary Canadians. It’s a history that has always worked towards a better future for all Canadians.

Join Canada’s most vibrant party today – membership is inexpensive and tax-deductible. You will be joining a dynamic team of Canadians dedicated to a brighter future. Request a paper form, or join online today:

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Questions? We’d be happy to help – call Maurice at (807) 344-0707.

Did You Know? NDP founding leader Tommy Douglas was the most influential politician never to be elected Prime Minister, and was voted Greatest Canadian. His progressive ideas became so mainstream that politicians of all stripes now claim them as their own. He was often criticized for being too progressive at the time, but Douglas was convinced he was helping to create a better, more caring Canada. Without him, we would likely never have had medicare, pensions, and a host of other national programs that have made Canada the best place in the world to call home.

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