Carleton Fair Vote Club

Stop Wasting Your Votes

Ever feel your vote doesn't count? For most of us, it doesn't. Each election, over six million votes are wasted - they don't go towards electing anybody! It's no wonder voter turnout rates - especially amongst students - reach new lows every election. But it gets much, much worse: check out the seven ways our electoral system is actually pulling our country apart.

:: posted 01/Oct/2006

We Have the Solution
Our current voting system actually evolved hundreds of years ago in Britain, when it suited the politics of the time. Canada is one of the last few western democracies still using a Westminister-style "first past the post" system to choose its government. Not surprisingly most modern countries have abandonded this antiquated system and today use something much more fair: one form of proportional representation or another. Old, descriminatory systems were replaced in most countries by motivated & concerned citizens, and it can happen in Canada too. Here's what you can do for a fairer system today.
:: posted 02/Oct/2006

Ontario Referendum
Oct 10 2007, Across Ontario
The Citizensí Assembly is a first for Ontario. A government-mandated body of 103 randomly-selected Ontarians, it gave citizens a direct voice in determining the options we have when we vote and how our votes are translated into seats for Members of the Provincial Parliament. After months of careful deliberation & study, they recommended we modify our current system to make it fairer; the new reformed system is called Mixed Member Proportional (MMP). Ontarians will vote in a referendum this Oct 10th to keep our current system the same, or to adopt these reforms. This is the first Ontario referendum since the 1920's, and our first chance to reform our outdated voting system since 1792. Find out more about this historic referendum and how you can participate.
:: posted 17/May/2007

Electoral Reform Panel Debate
Fall semester, Carleton campus
Carleton is the first university in the country to have a student Fair Vote Club. We're educating people about the problems inherent in our electoral system, and the solutions. To that end we've planning a public Panel Discussion on Electoral Reform to help us all consider our options. This discussion couldn't happen at a more important time: Ontario is having a referendum on the issue this year, a federal election is likely to be called soon, and every year our country slips farther into the regionalism morass that will eventualy destroy it. Find out more about this free & open discussion.
:: posted 03/May/2007